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Born out of a very real need for families to reconcile differences and conflict, Resolvex People Solutions is committed to helping you and your family take those difficult steps to restoring family relationships.

Using our skills through accredited mediation, facilitation and guidance, we offer a professional service that is designed to help with family reconciliation and offer you and your family a path of help to restore what seems to have been lost.

Welcome to Resolvex People Solutions for the Family

When family relationships break down it often results in hurt, anger, disappointment. In fact the list of feelings seems endless and commonly the relationship(s) get stuck and only function out of the hurts everyone is experiencing.

We are dedicated to the need of fragmented families wanting to reconcile and learn to live at peace with each other. Being in the middle of difficult family circumstances where there is tension and a lot of emotion can make it very hard for those involved to make a path of reconciliation for themselves. Click here to find out more.

Family Reconciliation


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