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Resolvex People Solutions is committed to helping your company or organisation resolve conflict in the workplace.

Specialising in Workplace Mediation, Conflict Resolution and Training, we offer professional services that are designed to help with conflict resolution in the present and give you tools to manage conflict in the future.

Welcome to Resolvex People Solutions

When two or more parties cannot resolve a difference, impartial mediation may be offered. With a success rate of over 80% (CIPD survey), Workplace Mediation is a highly cost effective, time efficient solution. Find out more about Workplace Mediation.

Workplace Mediation

Conflict can damage not just people but the performance in a company or organisation. We can coach you through your specific conflict. Find out more about Conflict Resolution.

Conflict Resolution

Short training sessions, tailored workshops. We offer training in:

Find out more about our Training.



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